Liver King who is approaching earning 9 figures of money, Mark Bell visited his house and found that he does not use steroids.


Liver King is a popular figure in the natural bodybuilding world. He’s known for his huge muscles and shredded physique. Recently, Liver King linked up with powerlifter Mark Bell, who questioned his “natty or not” status. Bell searched Liver King’s homes and didn’t find any syringes, SARMs, or GH. This led him to believe that Liver King is, in fact, natural.

Brian Johnson, better known as Liver King, has captivated the fitness world with his intense lifestyle and ripped physique. Joining Mark Bell, a decorated powerlifter, Liver King rejected steroid accusations and discussed some of the mechanics involved in living a healthier life while practicing the nine ancestral tenets.

Technology and social media have shaped our lives in ways we never imagined. However, Liver King operates under a different set of rules. He follows the nine tenets of ancestral living which include sleeping, eating, and moving in a way that best suits him. Most importantly, he credits his healthy diet and regular consumption of raw organic meat with keeping him looking and feeling great.

Many people in the fitness community have questioned Liver King’s ‘natural body’ status. This is due to popular podcast host Joe Rogan. According to Rogan, the social media star doesn’t have a ‘natural body’ and likely takes steroids. This prompted Logan Paul to join him on the Impulsive podcast. Liver King shot down Rogan’s presumption and made it clear that he doesn’t ‘touch the stuff. He maintained that if he was taking steroids, his lower body would be on par with his massive upper body.

Mark Bell, a bodybuilder, and powerlifter who is well-known for his incredible strength feats has recently come forward and admitted to using steroids in the past. During his storied career as an athlete, Bell has publicly supported the use of performance-enhancing drugs and has mentioned that US legal supplementation in the past lacked adequate testing. While many have speculated about Liver King using steroids, Bell is confident that he’s not after searching the successful entrepreneur’s house.

Mark Bell: “Do you think the liver is king? I’m not sure.”

Mark Bell, aka the Liver King, shared a few Instagram posts where the two spoke about healthy living habits and whether or not he uses steroids to maintain his ‘beyond impressive’ physique.

After questioning Liver King about his use of steroids, Bell was given the answer ‘never’. Unable to find any peanut butter cups in the star’s home, Bell ensured his followers that Liver King’s six-pack abs are real and that he can only go off of the answer the social media star provided.

Liver King insists that once people begin living by the 9 ancestral tenets, the body starts to adapt and become better equipped for biological function.

Bell and Liver King chatted about healthy living habits in conjunction with ancestral living. The 45-year-old liver-eating machine believes that once someone practices the nine ancestral tenets, their biology is the most intelligent it’s ever been.

After conducting a thorough search, Mark Bell believes ‘Liver King’ is real. He appreciates the way in which the 45-year-old conducts his life and business operations. After joining Liver King at his home, Bell was left with no evidence or indication that the social media star is using steroids but values his unique approach to living life.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this story. Is Liver King clean? Do you think he’s using steroids? Let me know in the comments below.

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