Mark Wahlberg 50-year-old man shared how the blood flow restriction technique helps him bulk up his lower body.


Mark Wahlberg is a powerhouse when it comes to entertaining audiences- whether it’s on music television or in theaters. In a recent Instagram post, the 50-year-old can be seen struggling through a brutal set of leg extensions.

Mark Wahlberg’s big following in the early 1990s was largely due to his involvement in a music group called Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. The Massachusetts native parlayed his success in the music industry and found plenty of work as an aspiring television and film actor. His acting chops were quickly recognized in the 2000s a time period that saw him star in films like The Perfect Storm and The Italian Job. Wahlberg’s roles in these films resulted in widespread notoriety illustrating once again that he has no limits when it comes to achieving success.

Recently a 50-year-old man shared how the blood flow restriction technique helps him bulk up his lower body. This technique is said to help people increase muscle and decrease body fat. By restricting the amount of blood that flows to the muscles this technique is said to promote growth. This method has been used by bodybuilders for years in order to achieve their desired results.

BFR training refers to a physical activity strategy that involves partially restricting the arterial blood supply and completely restricting the venous supply to working muscles. This type of training offers many benefits including preventing muscle damage often caused by heavy lifting. As a result of BFR training, it can be easier and faster to recover from workouts. Hollywood celebrities like UFC’s Conor McGregor and NBA’s Dwight Howard have adopted this training strategy to great effect.

Blood flow restriction (BFR) causes swelling and fatigue which signals the body to produce more muscle. This process also leads to the accumulation of metabolites such as lactic acid which forces the nervous system to recruit the biggest muscles possible.

The benefits of a workout come from restricting blood flow and decreasing oxygen levels which helps to target the muscle fibers more effectively. By using tight straps muscles contract in a manner that resembles blood flow allowing for muscle growth without having to lift too much weight.

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