Incredible Illa Golem shows off super power with 320-kg (705 lbs) shoulder press machine.


Illa Golem is a powerlifter and YouTube personality. He is best known for his strength as he is able to lift incredibly heavy weights. Recently he posted a video of himself shoulder pressing a 320-kg (705 lbs) machine. This is an incredible feat of strength and it just goes to show what Illa is capable of.

Illa Golem (34) is one of the world’s biggest bodybuilders even though he doesn’t compete in bodybuilding. He has proved himself to be one of the biggest mass monsters in today’s game without ever stepping on a stage. Illegal Golem now weighs around 360 lbs and recently he discussed that he is planning on increasing his weight up to 380-lbs.

Golem has been eating around 16500 calories per day in an attempt to reach his goal weight. 

To put these numbers into perspective Ronnie Coleman weighed in at 330-lbs during the offseason. Even though Illa Golem is not a competitive bodybuilder he still outweighs Ronnie by 30 lbs - even though he may not be as symmetrical and as pleasing as a competitive bodybuilder. He had that insane mass.

The interesting fact about Illa Golem- he is incredibly strong. A few weeks ago he squatted with powerlifter Larry Wheels and was able to put up some incredible numbers.

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