Fabio Giga Brazilian Bodybuilder is Better Known As “GIGA” or “BIG BOY,”

Fabio Augusto Rezende is better known as “GIGA” or “BIG BOY,” has been bodybuilding since 1999. He is a 100kg champion from Paulista (BRAZIL) and currently focuses on his career as a nutritionist seeking more knowledge in the area. He completed his postgraduate studies in sports esthetics and orthomolecular area in 2016.

Fabio Giga wiki Biography

Although Fabio Giga receives a lot of sponsorship from supplement clothing and pharmaceutical brands he is also very dedicated to his career as a nutritionist. He has devoted his time and effort to crafting the best nutritional advice for the public no matter what the cost.

Fabio Giga strives to learn more and more about nutrition and is currently undertaking a postgraduate degree in the field.

Fábio Giga is one of the athletes who stand out due to his great size. He’s tall and built like a brick wall- his muscles are immense and he turned pro at the Arnold Classic Ohio competition.

Fabio GIGA height is 1,80 CM

Fabio GIGA weight is 125 KG

The battle between the generations of bodybuilders has begun and Fabio Giga may be in the running as a potential Mr. Olympia contender. There is always a new crop of potential Olympian contenders and one of them may be Fabio Giga bodybuilder. The young bodybuilder with tattoos covering his muscular body is not shy about posting his workouts on Instagram. He’s surely aware of his impressive physique- does he have what it takes to be Mr. Olympia?

Bodybuilding isn’t just about having a big physique- it’s also about having a well-conditioned body and a consistent posing routine. No matter how big someone gets there are always details that need to be attended to in order to have symmetry and look good.

It’s likely that they will as we haven’t seen a “high placing” from bodybuilding with such a high number of tattoos. The detail of the muscles isn’t quite visible enough for the judging to be accurate or even fair.

Now he has impressive muscle development and a sizable social media following to boot.

If Fabio Giga continues to put in the hard work he has a good chance of having a successful future in bodybuilding.

Even with the current lineup stacked with some incredible talent, it would be nearly impossible to break into the top ten anytime soon.

Although Will Fabio Giga probably won't make it to the top one day it doesn't mean we won't be successful in the bodybuilding industry. We'll just have to work harder than anyone else and see what happens.


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