Egyptian Bodybuilder Hassan Mostafa Shares Amazing Physique 4 Days from 2022 Orlando Pro


Hassan Mostafa is sending a clear message to anyone who plans to challenge him this year on the bodybuilding stage. In a recent post made to his Instagram account, Mostafa showed off his shredded state just four days out from the 2022 Orlando Pro.

Mostafa is widely known for his size and overall conditioning. In the IFBB Pro League, he displayed consistency at a high level which is something many modern bodybuilders struggle with. Last year he wasn’t able to win a gold medal but his quality showed through nonetheless.

Mostafa competed in seven events last year taking third place three times. Prior to attending the New York show in particular Hassan enlisted the help of legends Flex Wheeler and Jose Raymond. This helped him prepare for the competition well.

Staying in contest shape can be challenging for high-level bodybuilders. This was the case for Mostafa last year. He placed sixth at the 2021 Chicago Pro and then took fifth at the Texas Pro in the same calendar year. Despite these lackluster results Mostafa attempted to redirect his focus at other shows but to no avail. He turned in a ninth-place showing at the 2021 Arnold Classic and capped off the year at Mr. Olympia however found himself outside of the top ten in 13th place respectively.

After becoming champion of the Puerto Rico Pro this year Egyptian native Mostafa’s quest for redemption started. Mostafa demonstrated that he is more than capable of dialing in his physique when pushed to the limit. On July 2 2022 Mostafa plans to win his second event of the year when he takes on all challengers at the Orlando Pro. This upcoming event is expected to take place in just four days.

Hassan Mostafa is dialing in final preparations for his Orlando Pro show. He has worked hard to improve on all aspects of his performance and he is confident that he will deliver a great show this weekend.

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