Top 6 Freakiest Bodybuilders With Crazy Mass Monster Physique

We all know that bodybuilders are pretty jacked but some of them take it to the extreme. Here are the top 6 freakiest bodybuilders based on their insane muscle mass and proportions.

1. Soren Falby

 Soren Falby is a 36 -year-old bodybuilder from Denmark. He’s incredibly popular on social media with over 166,000 followers on Instagram. Soren is known for his incredible physique which has been compared to that of the comic book superhero Savage Dragon. Both Soren and the Savage Dragon have insanely huge arms and chest with an incredibly tapered waist. The pics below demonstrate the inhuman proportions that Soren Falby sports.

2. Craig Golias

Craig Golias is one of the world’s biggest bodybuilders and his impressive physique has earned him recognition in the online fitness community and social media as well as among those involved with bodybuilding. Craig Golias “Goliath” is known for weighing an incredible 350 lbs at 6’3” tall. His physique has captured the attention of the documentary “Bigorexia“ which explores the physical and psychological depths of Muscle Dysmorphia in the bodybuilding industry. Craig has starred as himself in this film which delves into the dark side of bodybuilding showing just how far people will go to achieve their goals.

3. Mooky Black

Mooky Black has seen an increase in followers on social media recently. Though he stopped competing in 2013 his physique remains impressive. He used to compete in the heavyweight classic bodybuilding category and was quite large back then. However, after he stopped competing he just concentrated on his size and became a mass monster. He weighs around 350 pounds at a height of just 5'9''; you can imagine how huge he would look in pictures with those stats.

4. Carlito XXXL

Meet Karl Anderson amateur bodybuilding champion and genetically gifted giant. His veins are so intense and bulging that he is known as the King of Veins. With such an impressive genetic attribute Karl is massively muscled and stands out from the crowd. He loves to show off his physique and enjoys competing in bodybuilding competitions.

5. Martyn Ford

Martyn Ford is an inspirational bodybuilder with a story that will encourage everyone. He was once a talented cricket player on his way to a successful career. At 320 lbs and 6’8,” Martyn has achieved the success that most people could only dream of.

Martyn Ford is one of the biggest guys I've ever seen. He's a bodybuilder with muscles that would make most people blush. But who is he? Recently there's been a crop of athletes that are massive and tattooed that become front and center on Instagram and further afield. Martyn is one of those. As a 5% nutrition athlete and close personal friend of the late great Rich Piana Martyn has acquired a huge personal brand and harnessed this to make waves in the Bodybuilding industry and as an actor.

6.Rich Piana

Rich Piana one of the most popular and influential bodybuilders of the modern era admitted to using steroids during and after his career.

Despite his quote and the company’s tagline ‘Whatever it takes,’ 5% Nutrition still has a massive following and is still worn as a badge of aspiration by many young bodybuilders today.

Unfortunately, he passed away in August of 2017 due to an alleged overdose of steroids and other drugs. His autopsy reports indicate that he had many severe health markers like enlarged heart edema in the brain. The cause of death remains undetermined but it is definitely not due to steroid use in high doses. It’s possible that side effects from steroid use compounded other health risks.

This concludes our list of the top 6 freakiest bodybuilders. We hope you enjoyed it and found it informative. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact us. Thank you for reading!

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