The Real Venom - The Russian Bodybuilder Who Covered 90% Of His Body With A Single Tattoo


Although tattoos are a way to beautify the body people mostly design tattoos on certain parts of the body because too many tattoos can cause harm to the body, But despite this, some people cover almost all parts of their body with tattoos one of them is Vladimir Gucci.

Russian native Vladimir is a strong bodybuilder who became even more famous when pictures of him went viral leaving people wondering why he covered his body with several tattoos A lot of people think what he did was wrong but Vladimir did it for a reason.

In an interview Vladimir said he was in the business of black tattoos so he covered his body with tattoos to promote his work He also said that because of his tattoos people thought he was a bad guy but he wasn't a wayward person.

On the internet today I saw pictures of Vladimir Gucci with tattoos covering 90% of his body. Vladimir Tatuador Gucci is a 35-year-old Russian bodybuilder named Vladimir Tatuador.

Russia's most famous bodybuilder Vladimir lives in Moscow with his wife and is said to have the most tattoos of any Russian. Vladimir admitted in an interview that despite being a kind man people have a negative opinion of him because of his tattoos.

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