the "Korean Tank" IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Nameun Cho With Huge And Crazy Quadriceps

 Holy quads...the legs of the Korean IFBB Pro developed unexpectedly. We've seen some impressive wheels in bodybuilding but it just keeps getting better! Recently IFBB Pro Branch Chen was talking about possibly being the next "Quadzilla" (like Tom Platz) but Nameun Cho is also there.

Nameun Cho also known as the \"Korean Tank\" is a professional bodybuilder from South Korea. He is one of the few Asian bodybuilders to have achieved success at the highest level of the sport winning multiple Mr. Olympia and IFBB Pro World titles. Cho is widely regarded as one of the strongest and most physically imposing bodybuilders in history with many commentators citing his massive size and freakish strength as his key attributes.

Nam Eun Cho Statistics

Nationality: South Korea

Height: 172 cm

Weight: 95 kg

Nam Eun Cho is a Korean bodybuilder who competes in open bodybuilding competitions. He is known by many as the "Korean Tank" and "Korean Tom Square" due to his huge and crazy quadriceps.

In 2015, Nam Eun ChoConfidently won in his category and became the absolute champion of the Hong Kong amateur "Olympia".

In the professional arena the "Korean Quadrozilla" made his debut in July 2016 at the "Vancouver Pro 2016" Championship where he was one step away from victory finishing second in the whopping 212-pound category.

Nam Eun Cho is still young in the bodybuilding world so it's crazy to think his leg development can be even more impressive.

Here's a video to give you an idea of ​​how impressive this guy's quad is...


When we think of thighs some names that come to mind are Tom Platts and Big Rummy. However, there's always room to add another bodybuilder to the conversation.

So how did these guys develop such huge torn quads? Is it hard work or genetics? Definitely, both but some people are just lucky to have superior body parts. Phil Heath for example has the best weapon in the game which few would argue.

Nameun Cho is lucky to be able to grow such a huge wheel. He knew how to use his strengths and worked hard to develop this comic book-like quad. Don't let the focus on his legs distract you as he also has incredible upper-body development.


Nameun Cho Accomplishments

Toronto Pro, Bodybuilding: IFBB 212, 2nd
New York Pro, Bodybuilding: IFBB Pro 212, 13th
Vancouver Pro, Bodybuilding: IFBB Pro 212 Bodybuilding, 2nd

That wraps up our profile of the Korean tank Nameun Cho. We hope you found it interesting and informative. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below. And thanks for reading!

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