LAST MESSAGE Before ‘mysteriously jumping through window,’ former Mr Universe Calum von Moger sent a heartfelt message to his fans.


According to reports Calum von Moger 31 jumped through a second-floor window this morning. He is reportedly in a coma and his family is requesting that you keep him in your thoughts. Von Moger starred as a young Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 2018 film Bigger. In a post last week he said he was working hard to become a better person. We hope for his recovery.

von Moger an Australian bodybuilder who has lived in California and Australia is now in an induced coma after surgery. It's unclear where the incident occurred but von Moger is a three-time World Fitness Federation Mr. Universe winner.

Calum von Moger shared a farewell message with his fans before mysteriously jumping through a window earlier this week. 

In an emotional post on Instagram last week he said: "Everyone has a past. We’ve all been through hard times. I admit, I messed up bad many times.

"But I don’t care about dwelling on negative thoughts of the past. All I care about is that I learn from my mistakes and become a better person.

"The positive achievements I’ve done in my life far outweigh the muck-ups I had along the way.

"All I can ask is for your forgiveness so I can keep moving forward on the right path again."

 The dramatic recent years of the 31-year-old bodybuilder emerged amid encouraging reports that he would pull through his May 6 apparent suicide attempt. The bodybuilder who has been battling depression and anxiety for years was reportedly hospitalized just a few days before his attempted suicide. He had recently lost his home to a house fire and was the victim of an alleged road-rage incident.

He was also arrested for possession of drugs — including cannabis testosterone methamphetamine and Viaplex which is used to treat erectile dysfunction.

Just a few weeks before he made headlines by leaping from a second-floor window in Melbourne Moger appeared in court for the drug charges from his previous alleged road-rage incident. He was not required to enter a plea as his case was adjourned until May 26th.

Steve Greenberg a representative for Moger’s management company told Thursday that the bodybuilder was in stable condition after surgery on his spine.

Fans rushed to send messages of support after learning about Moger's injury. Many wished her a speedy recovery and offered their condolences.

One said: "Praying for you man. You were my first inspiration with fitness and I’m hoping you get through these hard times."

 Another said: "Praying for you. Pray for this man everyone."

Bodybuilder Jason Poston said: "Praying for you big guy… and you know I don’t just say that."

 Thankfully Calum is expected to make a full recovery. And we’re glad that he’s okay. But this story is a reminder of how important it is to always be careful.

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