Bodybuilding legend Flex Lewis is helping coach Dan Bilzerian with his shoulder workout.


Flex Lewis is a 212-pound class professional bodybuilder from Wales. Lewis is widely regarded as one of the best talents to ever grace a bodybuilding stage. In a recent YouTube video, Lewis joins the mega-popular social media influencer Dan Bilzerian for a shoulder workout routine. The two men share a mutual love of lifting weights and have done so together on multiple occasions.

Flex Lewis is a powerhouse in the bodybuilding world. He has won the 212 Olympia title seven times in a row which is an unprecedented feat. His reign as champion was historic and he conditioned and ripped his way to victory with shocking muscularity and power. As a result of one of his wins at the 212 Olympia show Flex was given an opportunity to compete in the division for life--a unique privilege for any bodybuilder.

After a long hiatus, it was unclear when fans would get to see the former 212-pound champion compete again. As speculation mounted many were eager to find out if/when Lewis would make his anticipated return to Men’s Open bodybuilding. However 38-year-old professional Lewis recently announced his retirement from the sport on his podcast leaving behind a legacy that is still intact.

Former 212 Olympia Champion and Bilzerian practiced some cable crossovers before wrapping up their unconventional routine. Once again Lewis offered to help Bilzerian with some of the finer movements on each of the exercises they trained.

You can find a full YouTube video of their workouts below 

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