Watch: Larry Wheels Deadlifts 745 Pounds Raw For 11 Reps


Larry Wheels is famous for his amazing strength; he has competed in many powerlifting events and can lift heavy weights. Powerlifter and strongman Larry Wheels hitting new personal records in the gym.

On January 24, 2022, Wheels shared a video in which he deadlifted 337.9 kilograms (745 pounds) in just 29 seconds. Larry Wheels did the first nine reps quickly with a weightlifting belt and figure-eight straps. Larry Wheels completed the final two reps with less speed, but still managed to lock them out. See the full set below:

Larry Wheels has openly discussed steroids and how they help him achieve better results in the gym.

However, he does not recommend it to other people because he is a record-breaking powerlifter.

Larry Wheels is interested in arm-wrestling and often posts videos of himself arm-wrestling some of the best athletes in that sport.


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