The Hidden Mystery behind Does Sajad Gharibi use Synthol or steroids?

 The Iranian Hulk’ Sajad Gharibi Stats

  • Sajad Gharibi Height  188 cm
  • Sajad Gharibi Weight  175 kg
  • Sajad Gharibi Chest Size 66 inches
  • Sajad Gharibi Waist Size 46 inches
  • Sajad Gharibi Biceps Size  28 inches

The Iranian Hulk’ Sajad Gharibi  Bio

  • Date of Birth December 19, 1991 
  • Nationality Iranian
  • Religion         Islam

Who is Sajad Gharibi?

Meet Sajad Gharibi, a 29-year-old Iranian weightlifter who has rightfully earned the nickname "The Iranian Hulk" or "The Persian Hercules." Gharibi's immense muscles are the stuff of legend. While he admits that lifting weights and bodybuilding has taken a toll on his body, he defends himself against the accusation of seeking fame and fortune. "I've seen many bodybuilders and athletes with incredible muscles and huge sports sponsorships, with millions of dollars and villas," Gharibi said. "But I realized that such fame and fortune were not for me. I want to be able to support my parents and save for my own future.

He has a large following on social networking sites and has gained a lot of fame by posting photos of himself, showing off his muscles. He is able to lift 386 lbs (175 kg) in the powerlifting category at national and international competitions.

However, his deadlift or squat weight doesn't impress us, considering that he's only 5'7" and 125 pounds.

What does he do to lift the weight? Is that his deadlift weight? Is it his bench press weight? Is it his biceps curl weight? If so, then it is a very impressive amount. Even a bench press of 175kg is still impressive. But if that's his deadlift or squat weight, then that's not so impressive for a guy his size.

Does Sajad Gharibi use Synthol or steroids?

He denies using any type of performance-enhancing drugs such as steroids and the injectable Synthol to make muscles appear bigger.

Several people have admitted to using steroids or Synthol in recent years. If Sajad Gharibi is telling the truth, he has risen to be one of the largest natural bodybuilders around. He is not shredded and has some fat, but he still has a ton of muscle, so his body type is quite impressive.

Sajad Gharibi Diet

When you are as big as this man, you need to eat a lot of calories, and Gharib is not a man who skips breakfast.

He posts his meals on Instagram and in the morning he loves nothing better than eating a full English breakfast - the breakfast of champions - which he washes down with an energy drink.

Gharib eats plenty of fruits, fish, chicken, and milk during the day.

Meal one

Sajad Gharibi may choose cereal for pancakes. He usually chooses Cinnamon Toast Crunch in addition to eight eggs and a tablespoon of peanut butter.

Protein - 68g

Carbs - 74g

Fat - 68g

Calories - 1,180

Meal two

For his second meal, Sajad Gharibi will consume a protein shake, along with two granola bars — and more peanut butter.

Protein - 115g

Carbs - 92g

Fat - 25g

Calories - 1,053

Meal three

Just a bit later, Sajad Gharibi is ready for his third meal of the day. He is going to have a large serving of meat and pasta.

The basic meal is one pound of organic grass-fed beef angel hair pasta and red sauce.

Protein - 172g

Carbs - 191g

Fat - 82g

Calories - 2,190

Meal four

Sajad Gharibi drinks a fourth protein shake, made with unsweetened almond milk and frozen organic blueberries. He drinks more peanut butter in addition to the protein shake.

Protein - 112g

Carbs - 89g

Fat - 22g

Calories - 1,002

Meal five

Sajad Gharibi consumes organic ground turkey made of 93% lean meat, as well as rice and broccoli for his fifth meal.

Protein - 117g

Carbs - 145g

Fat - 41g

Calories - 1,417

Meal six

Between lunch and dinner, Sajad Gharibi chooses to eat his favorite pasta, from a pizzeria, in addition to other food items.

His sixth meal is typically another pound of beef, potatoes, and asparagus, however, he switched it to a more carb-heavy meal because tomorrow is a huge training day. He estimates the meal is around 3400 calories.

Meal seven

His final meal of the day consists of more protein powder and cheesecake. According to Sajad Gharibi, he is allowed to choose the serving size of cheesecake typically about two or three slices. On this day he consumes four of the dessert.

Protein - 105g

Carbs - 107g

Fat - 89g

Calories - 1,649

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