Personal trainer allegedly shot parents during argument over custody of his son.

A bodybuilder shot his millionaire parents at their mansion in New York.

Dino Tomassetti, age 29, is accused of shooting his father Rocco Tomassetti, age 65, in the back and his mother Vincenza Tomassetti, age 64, in the head at the $3.2 million Long Island home.

Both his parents survived the shooting but had to have surgery.

Dino was arrested in Mahwah New Jersey after police sources told the Daily Voice that he fled the scene in a Cadillac Escalade.

His social media pages show dozens of images and videos of him in his gym. The Tomassetti family owns a construction company that builds many skyscrapers in New York City. The work they do includes Goldman Sachs and the Bank of America.

Dino's grandfather was involved in organized crime.

Dino is being held in Bergen County until extradition proceedings are completed.

His parents' injuries will depend on the severity of his own injuries. After the shooting broke, neighbors told. The New York PostThey’re good people. You couldn’t ask for better neighbors.  

"They don't bother you. They keep their house beautiful. They talk to you and say, "Can I help you with anything?" They're very fine people. I can't say a bad word about them."

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