A teen bodybuilder became famous after posting videos of him performing weightlifting exercises. Five years later, the teen is unrecognizable.

A teen bodybuilder who went viral after crushing weights in the gym is now unrecognizable in Instagram pictures five years later.

Tristyn Lee became famous when his followers began noticing his physique in videos he uploaded online.

Tristyn Lee hoped that showing off his impressive football skills at fifteen would attract scouts.

Instead of gaining confidence and becoming a professional bodybuilder, Tristyn Lee was flooded with comments about becoming a professional bodybuilder and has since built quite a presence on Instagram where he's amassed some 2 million followers.

Tristyn Lee has posted photos and videos of him working out with some big names in the bodybuilding industry. They include Bradley Martyn, Jay Cutler, Simeon Panda, and Larry Wheels.

Five years later, he looks almost unrecognizable.

In a post titled Working out saved my life Lee shares a short clip comparing his 15-year-old self to the bodybuilder, he is today.

For this picture, a younger but slimmer Lee can be seen posing in a locker room.

Lee explains he was teased for being short, which made him feel anxious and depressed.

I was imprisoned, and then I discovered bodybuilding.

Lee looks more ripped than ever and credits bodybuilding as the reason he looks this way.

It's not about the shirtless selfies. It's about the times that you have someone else's back when no one else will.

No matter if you're getting bullied at school or beaten up at school, the gym is always there to keep me alive.

Lee follows a strict dieting routine and says he works out at least twice a day.

He says he got his shredded muscles from not eating sugar, not eating cheat meals, and eating a high-protein keto diet.

This is a message to someone contemplating starting their fitness journey. Be willing to take the hits, receive criticism, and fall many times.

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