The Secret Behind The Alpha monster "Golem" Illia Yefimchyk who weighs 350 lbs.

Illia Golem Yefimchyk Statistics 

  Illia Golem  Height: 6' 1"

  Illia Golem  Weight: 350 lbs

  Illia Golem Age: April 23, 1988

  Illia Golem Nationality: Prague, Czech Republic

Bodybuilding was a big part of Illia’s life long before he began competing. Illia Golem would spend hours in the gym working out, and his goal was not only to look good but to feel good as well. Even when he competed, Illia Golem kept up his workouts because they helped him stay healthy and enjoy life more. Now that Illia Golem is retired from bodybuilding, he continues to work out regularly and lifts weights for overall health benefits.

Illia Golem Measurements

Illia Golem arm size:    64cm
Illia Golem neck size:   60cm
Illia Golem thighs size: 85cm
Illia Golem chest size:  155cm
Illia Golem waist size: 98cm

How Illia Golem Start Training and Got Freak Muscle?

Illia Golem was born in the former Soviet Republic of Belarus, which is slightly smaller than Florida. At age 15 I already measured 6 feet tall and weighed only 150 pounds. But while young, my body was not strong or athletic. I wanted to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone.

Illia Golem wanted to be The Hulk, so big that everybody saw me.” I was not sure where to begin my physical fitness journey, so I began at a gym in a town of 10,000 people. It started out small, but it was not long before more equipment was added and the space grew larger. There was a bench press with a bar and plates, five machines, and a punching bag. Iy as friends called me Illy because he was very skinny and small.

Yefimchyk lacked knowledge, but he compensated for this deficiency with enthusiasm. Within a year, Illia Golem had gained 20 pounds of muscle. “I did not look like a bodybuilder yet, but I felt like one,” he says. “I even wrote to Santa asking for 18-inch biceps that would make me very happy!”

How did Illia Golem Got Famous?

Illia Golem left his homeland at an early age to attend college in the Czech Republic. There he was determined to pursue a career in the fitness industry, so he enrolled in a gymnasium and eventually opened his own facility. Illia Golem made that dream a reality just four years later when he opened Eagle Fitness. “Everyone told me not to do it,” he laughs. “Especially when they saw the stress and lack of sleep it was causing me in the early stages.” Rent was steep in Prague, as were utilities. Since he couldn’t charge much for memberships and he also had a staff to pay, it was a struggle to keep the gym afloat.

Eventually, Eagle Fitness became a mecca for bodybuilders and powerlifters in Prague. It was also visited by IFBB pro-Lukas Osladil and regular visits from Milan Sadek. Illy continued to make steady gains, except for the first year his gym was opened, which had nothing to do with the demands of his business.

People were telling Yefimchyk to stop getting bigger years ago, but he did not listen. He is currently 340 pounds. His goal is to reach a lean 360 pounds of weight. How much food would you guess such a man eats daily?

Illia Golem's daily caloric intake is  15,000 calories every day, and that is even more surreal when you consider he gets nearly all of those calories from “clean” foods like chicken, beef, and rice. “If it were easier for me to get those calories from KFC and cheesecake factory, it would be very unhealthy.” On a normal day, Illy eats 9 pounds of meat alone on top of enough rice to feed Vietnamese families.

Illia Golem Diet

If you are a man and are obese, I suggest that you try to gain weight. You should increase your intake of food by about 15% if you want to lose weight in other areas. If the scale doesn't move, then cut back 10-20 grams (100 calories). Repeat this until your body starts gaining weight. Then take a break from trying to gain weight for at least 2 weeks.

The diet is a really simple one, but very effective. It requires you to eat small portions (about three times smaller than what most of us usually have) several times a day. So get used to eating small meals at regular intervals throughout the day. In this diet, the meals do not need to be spaced evenly over time – that’s why it’s called “gorging”! The key thing is how much you eat in each meal and how many calories they contain.

Meal 1: 300 grams of Oats

Meal 2: 108 pieces of Sashimi sushi in an all-you-can-eat restaurant

Meal 3: 1300 grams (3 lbs) of Beef + Desert

Meal 4: 500 grams of rice

Meal 5: 300 grams of pasta and 200 grams of cheese

Meal 6 : 3 lbs of New York Strip steak

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