What Is The Best Time To take Creatine | Before Or After A Workout ?

Creatine is one of the most essential supplement for bodybuilders in the last 10 years, Every bodybuilder supplement plan contain creatine, glutamine, bcaa and whey protein but creatine has many arguments between bodybuilders, As some of them said take creatine before workout and others said after workout but what is the best time to take creatine?

Nutrition and supplements timing is very important for every athlete who looking for perfect shape and first place in competitions but until relativity recently there are arguments about creatine timing so creatine takers falls into three opinions 

First opinion: Before A Workout

The first opinion take creatine before a workout based on more ctratine = more ATP, the primary key of cellular energy. More ATP means more power muscle fibers activity and more iron lifted.

Second opinion: After A Workout

On the other side of the argument to take creatine after a workout usually focuses on how your muscles are exhausted of nutrition after workout and the body is ready for great flow of nutrition elements. Here creatine play the restoration role for muscle cells and recover it fast.

Third opinion: When Ever You want 

Basically creatine is safe supplement so the opinion here to take creatine any time of the day you prefer and don't need to stress your self about best time to take creatine.


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