IFBB Competitor And Personal Trainer Zhanna Rotar Dies At Age 39

IFBB Bikini athlete and personal trainer passed away at age 39, The Ukrainian athlete passed away in tragedian accident after Christmas Day. 

 Zhanna Rotar was a famous bikini competitor who born in Ukraine , Zhanna Rotar stopped competing in 2010 and shift career to be personal trainer and NPC judge.

According to the announcement Zhanna Rotar dies during passing the street by car accident hit her and take her life.

Zhanna Rotar Contest History

2002 Empire Classic – 1st Place short
2003 Northern Gold’s Classic – 1st Place medium and Overall
2003 Evergreen State Championships – 1st Place medium
2003 Washington Ironman – 1st Place tall
2004 Emerald Cup 2004 1st Place medium-short
2004 Los Angeles Championships – 1st Place medium and Overall
2004 Team Universe – 4th Place Class C
2005 Junior Nationals – 2nd Place Class B
2005 The USA’s – 3rd Place Class C
2005 Team Universe 2005 1st Place Class C
2006 IFBB California Pro Figure – 10th Place
2006 IFBB Shawn Ray Colorado Pro – 10th Place
2006 IFBB San Francisco Pro – 4th Place
2007 IFBB Jan Tana Women’s Bodybuilding And Figure Contest – 10th Place
2007 IFBB Colorado Pro/Am Classic Bodybuilding And Figure Contest – 7th Place
2007 IFBB California Pro Figure Championships – 8th Place
2008 IFBB Tournament of Champions Pro Figure – 9th Place
2008 IFBB California State Pro Figure Championships – 12th Place
2010 IFBB MuscleContest Pro Bikini – 12th Place

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