Why Shawn Rhoden Will Not defend His Title This Year? Shawn Rhoden Proof He Is Innocent From rape allegations

WATCH: Chief Olympia Dan Solomon Explain the Shawn Rhoden Condition.

Dan Solomon declared in an interview with Muscular development interviewer Ron Harris that Shawn not allowed to defend his title this year.

Dan Solomon make a clear announcement that Shawn Rhoden will be out Mr.Olympia this year with no chance to defend his title.

“You can be sure that not having the reigning defending Mr. Olympia champion in this year’s Mr. Olympia is incredibly disappointing.”

Shawn Rhoden accused by rape a few weeks ago, female bodybuilder alleged that Rhoden had raped her in the hotel last year. Due to her allegation Rhoden revoked by Olympia company.

 Dan Solomon mention in his interview....
“All eyes are on the Mr. Olympia and of course, the reigning champ and this story certainly warrants a lot of attention because it’s troubling on many levels. But for us, we’re just trying to focus on putting on the best production that we can.”

But how Mr. Olympia show this year would be as Shawn Rhoden get away from the competition this year and Phil Heath didn't confirmed yet if he in the show or no. So i think this year bodybuilder like Roelly Winklaar should do his best to crowned by the title.

Watch Dan interview ..

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