Donte Franklin Natural Bodybuilder With Crazy Genetics

Donte Franklin Natural or Steroids?

Donte Franklin is known as the ultimate natural bodybuilder in the world, But is it real Donte Franklin a natural bodybuilder or he juicing in the secret.

Actually Donte franklin announced many times that he is drug free on Instagram.

In my opinion Donte have a great muscular genetics and that obviously clear on his crazy arm size.So genetics play main role here,bodybuilder like Phil Heath who gifted by amazing muscular body keep him the top of Olympia for years in the next pic will see his body when he was natural bodybuilder beside Jay Cutler.

So Donate is in the same genetics category like Phil Heath, Kai Greene and Flex Wheeler.

Donate post his pics before and after to help us recognize his transformation throw years.

It's obviously clear Donte gained his muscles in natural way as if he steroids addict Dante should looks more bigger in the last 8 years.

Donte Franklin and steroids test:

Donte passed all steroids tests from natural bodybuilding federation INBA and the NANBF, Donte Franklin is natural bodybuilder with crazy genetics.

INBA and the NANBF have strict drug test with unexpected time.

  • Polygraph (lie detector)
  • Urinalysis (pee in a cup)
  • Voice stress
  • Blood
  • Saliva 
Donte passed all steroids tests and become NANBF champion, Donte is jacked by natural his genetics qualify him to be the best natural bodybuilder.

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