Chuando And The Fountain Of Youth That Keep Him Looks 20 Years Old Man.

Chuando Tan the young looking 52 years old who turned social media crazy 

Chuando is a pro photographer who lived in China now,Chuando Tan born and raised in Singapore but what make Chuando Tan one of the most famous model in the world with more than i million followers on Instagram?

Chuando Tan start his profession life at 1980 as model and pop singer but singing didn't work well and choose another profession as photographer. Chuando Tan start his Instagram account to share his work with clients and shared his personal photos too but people noticed that his look not for 50 years old that push people to ask about his agning products he used or it just genetics?

Chuando Tan born in 1967 that mean now he 52 years old but with 20 years old looking, It seems weird right?? so what is the secret about his youthful looking?

Chuando Tan diet
The answer is the diet, Chuando Tan diet start with 6 poached eggs at the breakfast, Chuando Tan knows that the person looks depend on what he eat so the diet is the most important principal in Chuando Tan life style ,70% of the look depend on diet and 30% on workout.

Beside eggs he eats chicken breast and fish soup with little amount of rice plus avoid drinking coffee and tea but drinks water during the day. Chuando Tan not a smoker or alcoholic person. 

Chuando Tan is so weak front of ice cream and durians.

Chuando Tan Daily Workout 
Chuando Tan workout depend on his business schedule so in usual days he visit gym 5 days a weak with no longer 1 hour but with busy day he visit gym 3 days. Chuando Tan used to do speed walking on treadmill and swimming.

Chuando Tan height is 1.85cm and weight 78kg but in top condition he could be 82kg.

Chuando Tan have strict rules to enhance his healthy look

1. Chuando sleep before 11pm and wake up early everyday.

2. Never work or watch movies after midnight.

3. Stop eating before 6 hours of bedtime.

Chuando Tan confirm that sleep early and have enough sleep worth it better than work at night.

So what is Chuando Tan Secret?

There is no secret it is all about life style eat healthy,sleep well,workout and work what you love.

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