Julian Smith With Most Insane Sculpted Quad

Many bodybuilders put attention on upper body parts like chest,back,shoulders and arm but the lower body got little attention, Julian Smith one of the athletes who developed his leg workout routine to gain sculpture leg muscle.

Julian Smith leg workout routine not only focus on classical movement but Julian utilize new movement that u don't see usual in leg workout routines.

While you workout on squat rack on leg ,you can watch Julian Smith practise weird movement like this in the video to push leg to maximum growth.

More more more quad isolation! Pure old school torture 👊💪 - Are you following the Daily Pump? This exercise is part of the workout that I'll be posting tomorrow on the site. Link in bio - Body weight sissy squat- Body weight moves I usually take to failure. As many as I can do with proper perfect form. Slow negatives with a pauses on the stretch. - Perfect form on sissy squats is actually pretty simple. Upper leg and torso should be in a straight line. This is gonna put maximum stretch and tension in the quads 😎 When your upper body and upper leg are straight you can feel the stretch from low by your knees, all up to your hips! - Give this exercise a shot! Tag me in your story if you do. Might wind up on my IG 👀 - #igers #igdaily #igfit #Igfitfam #Igfitfreaks #instagramfitness #bodybuilder #strong #bodybuildingmotivation #lifestyle #getfit #instagrambodybuilding #aesthetics #healthylife #weighttraining #cardio #exercises #muscle #hardwork #goals #bodypositive #pdx #quads
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I wonder what Tom Platz would say about Julian Smith Teqnique ??


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