Korean IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Nameun Cho With Insane Quads

Korean IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Nameun Cho With Insane Quads

The Korean bodybuilder Nameun Cho who started his bodybuilding journey at 2010 and competed in local and international competitions as Toronto Pro, New York Pro, and IFBB Vancouver Pro.

Nameun Cho is a bodybuilder who have unique body style with his massive quads and perfect upper body symmetry who qualify him to be one of the biggest name in 212 bodybuilding devision.

So how Nameun Cho built his massive quads? Is it genetics or by hard work... Actually both helped him to get those massive quads,Many bodybuilders gifted by special body part like Tom Platz quads,Dorian Yates back and Phil Heath arms.

Nameun Cho leg workout devolved his quads that placed him in comparison between him &Tom Platz as both of them have massive quads,Actually Tom Platz have historical quads in bodybuilding.

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