The Chinese Dragon Lu Chenhui(鹿晨辉) Win 2018 Goldentimes Bodybuilding Grand Prix China

Lu Chenhui(鹿晨辉)

The Chinese Dragon Lu Chenhui Win 2018 Goldentimes Bodybuilding Grand Prix China

The Chinese Dragon fly on the stage and acquired Goldentimes bodybuilding grand prix 2018, Lu Chenhui throw dragon flames on the stage and placed overall Goldentimes championship 2018.

2018 Goldentimes Bodybuilding Grand Prix China Result:

Lu Chenhui(鹿晨辉)

  • Lu Chen Hui
  • Ronny Rockel
  • Roman Gavryshchuk
Lu Chenhui bodybuilder nickname given by his Chines fans as "God Lu", Lu Chenhui weight 130 kg with perfect condition on the stage.

Lu Chenhui start his bodybuilding career at 2002 and competed in Goldentimes 2011 for first time but after eight years from effort and sweat Lu Chenhui achieved his dream.

Milos Sarcev coaching Lu Chenhui before the competition and helps him to upgrade his muscles condition,Milos Sarcev coaching tactic depend on giant sets to improve Lu Chenhui muscularity.

Lu Chenhui diet contain variety of protein like Chicken Drumsticks, Chicken Breast Meat Balls and Fish everyday to keep his muscle mass in best condition and train hard to control bodyfats.

Goldentimes Bodybuilding Grand Prix China 2018 Video And Photos: 

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