Phil Heath Need Another Intense 4 To 6 Hour Surgery

Mr.Olympia Phil Heath announced that he need intense surgery in interview with Muscular Development's Ron Harries ,and asked Phil Heath about his thought after placed second in olympia 2018

  ” …it’s gonna feel like
someone shot me in the chest so when he said and NEW.. I was like f**k… I mean it hurt it hurt…”

It was his answer about last Hernia surgery and said he need another surgery soon as doctor recommended.

 “Yeah, unfortunately, I do [need a surgery] a lot more intense four to six-hour surgery…
honestly, it was something that needed to happen anyway, it was something that I was already told I was probably gonna have in three to five years…

I go with [Surgery] on the 18th of October.“

Phil Heath asked about Kai Greene...

“He [Kai Greene] actually DM me after the show… he said nothing but praise and very very respectful congratulatory messages…

very inspirational motivational messages…”

This was Phil interview and he explained why and how he lost the title 2018 and we hope see him well soon and compete in Mr.Olympia 2019. 

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