The Rise of Flexatron - Shawn Rhoden Mr.Olympia 2018

Shawn Rhoden wife and his daughter shocked when they hear Shawn crowned by olympia 2018 after many years from struggling and fighting.

Immigration and bodybuilding journey

Shawn born in Jamaica then immigrate to USA 1990 , with no social life so he found his passion in bodybuilding.

At the age of 17 Shawn joined to the gym to gain weight, in 1992 Shawn start bodybuilding journey.
At the same year Shawn Rhoden met Mr.Universe Yohnnie Shambourger who encourage him to start competitive bodybuilding shows.
At the age of 24 Shawn Rhoden sculpted an amazing body and start the rise of Flexatron but for sorry he ripped 9 tendons in right hand.This injury could stop him from achieving his bodybuilding dream but Flexatron refused doctor advise to stop bodybuilding and continued toward his dream to be professional bodybuilder.

Shawn Rhoden Father's Death

In 2002 Shawn's father pass away after battle with lung cancer but Shawn didn't imagine the life without his dad and began drinking alcohol.

Flexatron fall down for 6 years in alcoholic life and stop working out.

Flexatronrhoden Recovery Road

Flexatronrhoden come back at the age of 34 and entered 2009 IFBB North America Championships.
after extreme determination Flexatron walked away with the title after placed 1st.

This victory was the door to professional life after he won the pro card and achieve his dream to be pro bodybuilder.

Pro Bodybuilder Life 

Flexatronrhoden placed 16th at 2010 IFBB Dallas Europe Super Show but Shawn never give up and come back on the same stage at 2011 with improved physique and placed 3rd and qualified for Mr.Olympia Show.

Shawn Rhoden Olympia Show History 

Shawn placed 11th in Mr.Olympia but he was only charge ambitious battery and between 2012-2016 Flexatron achieved numerous competitions profile,in 2014 and 2015 placed 3rd in Mr.Olympia.

The Rise of Flexatron in olympia 2018 when he defeat Phil Heath the king of Mr.Olympia for 7 years and crowned by the title after deserved battle. 

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