Basic Egg Sandwich


  1. 1 whole egg 
  2. 1 egg white 
  3. ¼ avocado
  4. 2 tomato slices 
  5. 1 whole wheat English muffin 
  6. 1 oz fat free feta cheese 
  7. 1 handful of spinach


  1. Heat a frying pan on medium. 
  2. In a small frying pan that is sprayed with nonstick spray, crack the one whole egg and one egg white into the pan. 
  3. While the eggs are cooking, toss in the handful of spinach and let cook with the eggs. 
  4. After about 2-3 minutes, flip the egg and spinach over to cook on the other side.  
  5. While the eggs are cooking,place English muffin in the toaster
  6. Once the eggs are cooked to your liking, remove from pan. 
  7. Remember, while the eggs are cooking, you have the option of both poking the yolk and breaking it while in the pan to create a firm consistency, or let the yolk remain whole and enjoy the yumminess when it breaks as you bite your sandwich. The choice is yours!
  8. Once your egg is ready, grab your muffin from the toaster and place it on a place. 
  9. Place the egg on your muffin and add sliced tomatoes, avocado and top with feta cheese.                      

-Nutritional Facts: 
Serving Size- 1 sandwich 175 calories Protein 12 grams

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