Is lifting too heavy the only way to build muscle? Of course not unless you want to be a power lifter. You can lift heavy all day long but if you don’t use the right amount of tension you are not going to grow.

Haven’t you seen guys lifting ridiculously amounts of heavy weight with poor technique and rushing through the lift? It may look impressive impressive but are they going to grow from it.

Tension is the quickest way to build quality muscle. If you are not feeling your muscle working, you can’t build it. This is where mind muscle connection comes into play. You actually have to think about what you are doing and feel the muscle trained.

Your muscles don’t have any idea of how much weight your lifting. Therefore you don’t have to be obsessed with lifting heavy. Your muscles only know tension.

You can build just as much muscle with a 30 pound weight or an 80 pound weight.

Big weights don’t build big muscles. 

It’s all about tension. More importantly time under tension. Time under tension

Time under tension is when you put a certain amount of time on a muscle. For instance, when doing a bicep curl you lift the weight up in 2 seconds and squeeze the muscle. Then you would lower the weight down for 3 seconds and pause at the bottom for 1 second and repeat the process over again. This would create tension on the muscle muscle with a 2-3-1 tempo.

This is a technique that you can start today. Take your time and notice the difference. You will be able to grow muscle more efficiently. Once you start to get the hang of it you will hold on to it forever and never train without it.

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