Workout Tips For Beginners


Overload In order for you to build muscle you have to get stronger. There is no other way around it. Ignoring this will have you spinning your wheels and not growing. I mean that’s the whole point of going to the gm right? Unless you do it for recreational purposes but, I’m willing to bet you want to get in the best shape of your life.

Doing the same amount of weights with the same number of reps does absolutely nothing for your body. All you would be doing is maintaining. Let’s face it, the guys gaining the most amount of muscle are guys who gain the most amount of strength.

What is progressive overload? Let’s say you go into the gym to work on chest. You choose the bench press and press 135 pounds for 10 reps. The next time you do chest do 140-145 pounds at 10 reps. If you are recovering properly from your last workout, the next time you do chest you should be able to do at least 5% more weight than the previous workout. You should always be progressing because without it your body has no need to adapt.


There are so many debates on how often you can train one muscle. So many programs have you working out one muscle group a week. There is so much fear in the concept of “overtraining.” This is not true, why?

If you are implementing your recovery protocol like you should, you should be recovering very quickly and be able to workout the same muscle groups twice a week! This goes against popular belief, but it’s simply not true.

Where do you find this false information? Muscle magazines. You only want to train your muscles once a week if you look like the steroid using muscle guy in those magazines. Their muscle protein synthesis is elevated all the time where as a natural bodybuilders muscle protein synthesis is only elevated up to 36 hours. After 36 hours a natural bodybuilders muscle protein synthesis starts to decline so it would be optimal to hit that same muscle group before the decline.

However, you do have to be very strategic in this approach but it does work. You may be asking yourself what if you are still sore. Soreness is just the byproduct of lactic acid built up into the muscle.  Soreness doesn’t necessarily mean that you are growing.

Let’s say you have a weak and lagging body part that you want to improve. For me it’s legs. I decided to train my legs twice a week and I have seen a huge difference. The key is not to do the same leg workout. One day maybe more slow heavy lifting for strength and on the other day you do lighter weight with more reps for size. Now you are training legs for strength and size, the best of both worlds!

So stop reading all the muscle building magazines because most of them are out to sell you something that is not going to help you achieve that desired physique you want.

They are just plain lying to you and robbing you of about 90% of your muscle gains. It’s not your fault and I have been there myself. They want to keep you that way so that the supplement companies can continue to make money.

After some experiences myself and with much research I’ve developed a system that works.


 Cycling your training is pretty important. No one does the same workout year after year, or do they? We are creatures of habit and we tend to stay in our little comfort zones. We don’t like to get uncomfortable, we like to do the easy things in life.

This kind of thinking will prevent you from growing!

The only way to grow in any area of your life is to do something different and possibly more challenging. It’s probably a good idea to change up your routine every 4-6 weeks. The body adapts very quickly and needs change. Your body is pretty smart but very lazy. Your body and muscles are designed to do the least amount of work. You have to push yourself to grow.

Machines Vs. Free Weights 

What’s better, machines or free weights. The short answer is free weights. Don’t get me wrong machines have their place but, if you want size and strength free weights is the way to go.


Let’s say that you want to work chest and you do a lot of hammer strength exercises. You may get pretty impressive pecs but you will be lacking in the functional department. Using machines requires you not to use any balance as opposed to using free weights.

When using free weights your muscles have to use balance and each muscle is working independently.

I would recommend using dumbbells rather than using barbell. You can get some imbalances with using too much barbell and one limb may over power the other in an attempt to lift.

Machines can be good if you have an injury or a good way to finish a workout. An example would be if at the beginning of your workout you exhaust your pecs doing free weights (which can put a lot of stress on your shoulders) then what you could do is at the end you throw in some machines to take the stress off your shoulders.

Free Weights

Free weights is best because your muscles are forced to balance itself recruiting more muscle fibers. Free weights use more of your stabilizer muscles and also work other muscles indirectly like your core. That’s a great secret to abs. Abs are not created by only doing ab exercises. A lot of indirect work is done on your abs.

When you do free weights, you use pro-prioreception, which is the brain's ability to know where the body is in space and whether or not it is balanced. This is a very important thing to have especially for athletes in sports. It trains your mind and will improve your game.

With all that being said, choose free weights unless you are a beginner or suffer from injuries. If you are a beginner you should try to progress to free weights.

You Don't Have To Spend Hours 

In The Gym Sometimes less is more. In this case, short but effective workouts is superior to long workouts especially if you are a hard-gainer. You got to hit it hard and be in and out of the gym so that you can enjoy life and begin to grow.

Introducing DRTS Finishers

 DRTS Finishers Is A Metabolic Intensifier Performed At The End Of Each Workout By Working Opposing and Secondary Muscle Groups for Maximal Body Re-composition.

DRTS (Dynamic Rep Triple Sets) Finishers 


At the end of each workout you’ll perform a very dynamic finisher on your secondary muscle groups in opposing fashion. For example: At the very end of your chest and back day you’ll perform a DRTS finisher with biceps and triceps. Two days from then you’ll do the complete opposite (a 180). This means at the end of your normal bicep/tricep day you’ll do a chest and back DRTS finisher. This is how you’ll be able to hit each muscle group twice a week for maximal muscle growth and you’ll do it all in just 4-45 minute training days which equals only 3 hours or 180 minutes a week. That’s it, your complete training for the week will only be 180 minutes!


You’ll perform exactly 180 reps on your opposing muscle groups. Don’t worry these reps are not performed all at once. One muscle group will be performed at 90 reps and the second one is 90 reps equaling, 180 reps.

Triple or Tri-Sets  

TRIPLE or Tri sets are performed at different angles so that every part of the muscle is worked leaving no stone un-turned.


18 “Sets” in all will be performed at the end of your workout when using DRTS finishers creating the perfect environment for muscle growth to occur.


 If you want even better results incorporate a drop set on your last set. Basically you would drop the weight by 10% on each set without stoping, totaling 4 sets in all. This will get your heart rate up and produce a lot of lactic acid in the muscles aka “The Pump.”

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