Shredded Abs and Good Sleeping Habits

Sleep, although not as sexy as the current pre-workouts or training techniques, well, studies prove it is as being as crucial as any exercise and nutrition levels. Especially in the process of reaching your goals.

Even if you have a relatively bad diet, you can maybe live until you are 70 years old or even longer, however, the fact remains, you might not last more than around 10 days without proper sleep (the world record currently stands at 11 days).

Many studies show us that deprived sleep is one of the significant risks in contracting heart disease,and subsequently, it also plays an integral role in individuals becoming obese.

According to research, the extent and value of sleep have deteriorated over the last twenty years. Bearing in mind this downward trend in sleeping habits is also combined with a decline in activity, and an overall increase in the ingestion of highly processed foods. So then, it is easy to see why obesity numbers have increased, globally.

Even though taking on an entirely new diet may be a considerable step, receiving an extra hour of quality sleep each night is readily achievable for everyone. 8 hours is the suggestion, but some individuals might need more or less than this figure.

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