Body Fat Level How Much Is Required?


 With a body fat percentage below 14%, men can start showing their 6-pack form. Yet, under 10% body fat gives a broader, cover model look, allowing for a more-defined 6-pack, while revealing the lower abs, also.


 Women tend to find they store more body fat than men in general. Once they hit the 20% mark, they can likely start to see their ab outline. This can turn out to be further defined and even more obvious around the 16% mark. Many women can get under 14% body fat when they use the best training methods, because fat is stored around organs for protection, during child birth, especially.

The universal 10% body fat rule that most individuals/trainers endorse is perfect. You can go for more or less later, depending upon how you feel, and what seems right for you. We’ll take a look at how we can achieve 10% body fat a little later in the title.

Due to how the body stores fat, some men (for example)  might be around 12% total body fat with great visible abs, while others might need to get to around 8% body fat. Much of this depends on an individual’s genetics and where their body might store stubborn fat. For a number of individuals, it’s the legs, while others it’s the arms, chest, or abs (belly region). We all store it in definitive places.

If the majority of your fat is stored on your stomach and you find you are lean in all other areas, you simply need to diet longer to get a great looking 6-pack. Regrettably, these are genetics and those we are unable to manipulate. With this in mind, we must be aware of what we already have, and what we must do to reach our goals. The training and diet schedules will give you some insight on this, soon.

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